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Nicole Kennedy
Sales Director Studio Cambridge.

I am delighted to welcome you to Studio Cambridge. The staff and I will work hard to ensure that you make the most of your stay, practising your English with students, teachers and local people, and visiting the beautiful sights of one of the oldest university towns in the world. We promise to be patient, good-humoured and always friendly! Studio is happy to work with UniStudy agency in Rostov-on-Don, who are professional, courteous and efficient, and will help you with every aspect of preparing for your stay in Cambridge.

Michael Quinn
UK Director, Centre of English Studies, tel: +353-1- 6714233.

“Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Quinn and I am one of the Directors of Centre of English Studies. We are a family owned and run English language school with over 36 years’ experience in the industry. My mother started up the school and now I work with my 2 brothers running the centres. Over the years we have grown from having one year round school in Dublin to now have 7 year round adult schools located in Dublin, London, Oxford, Leeds, Worthing, Harrogate and Edinburgh. Our Dublin, Leeds and Harrogate schools are IELTS testing centres. In fact our Dublin school is not only the largest school in Ireland but the largest testing centre in Ireland. We also offer a wide range of winter and summer junior programmes in the UK and Ireland. Our growth has been hugely helped by working with such agencies as UniStudy. In fact without the likes of UniStudy we could not have grown. UniStudy are a tremendously professional and honest agency who do their best for all their students. They are 100% focused on the students care while with us. It is a pleasure to work with UniStudy and we hope to do so for many many more years.”

John Leighton
Director of Summer Courses Concord College England Tel: +441694 731631.

“We are an International Boarding School in England and run our own summer course during July and August. We have worked with UniStudy for 3 years now and are very impressed with their commitment to recruit good quality students for our courses. We can rely on Natalia and her team to act as excellent representatives for our courses and to market them well to potential clients. We can depend on them to provide all the information we need on the students to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable stay with us and essentially, are confident in the knowledge that Natalia and the UniStudy team are acting on our behalf and doing a fantastic job.”

Hannah Murphy
Principal OISE Oxford 13-15 High St. Oxford OX1 4EA Tel: +44 01865247272.

This is to confirm that OISE Oxford (Oxford Intensive School of English) works regularly with Ms Natalia Baranova, Director of UniStudy Ltd. It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Baranova due to her close attention to detail, the accurate advice she gives to students pre departure and her professionalism. Ms. Baranova shows true care about all of the students she has sent to OISE Oxford, many of whom have been her clients for a number of years. She also works hard to maintain close relationships with the school's Administrative and Education teams, ensuring that there is clear communication between the school and her client before, during and after their stay in Oxford. Ms. Baranova sets high goals for her students to succeed and OISE Oxford delivers intensive and personal bespoke courses to ensure that the students achieve their goals. I believe that this is what makes UniStudy Ltd and OISE Oxford a great match.

Anna Fridman
Kings Education English language and university preparation in UK and USA.

Kings had the pleasure of working with UniStudy for the last 4 years, and I have always been impressed with Natalia's professionalism and passion to provide the best opportunity for each and every their student. Natalia is always acting in the interests of the student and never stops until she finds the most suitable program for the student. I believe this is why our cooperation has brought such outstanding results - both Natalia and we here at Kings believe that all students are different, and good is not enough, that is why we are always trying to find the best possible pathway to fit the student's needs. Kings are very proud to say that one of our students from UniStudy, Angelina Gorbaseva, who started with Kings at On Campus Plus Program is now studying at the University of Southern California ranked 25th in the USA!

Murtagh Forge
Business Development Manager ATC Language Schools Bray I Dublin I Winchester.

ATC have been working with UniStudy for the last 4 years and I am delighted to confirm that I have found them to be very professional and efficient in all our dealings with them. They have been very successful in providing students for ATC and I look forward to a continuing and mutually successful relationship.
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